Greetings and welcome to my website! I am a Christian author having just released my first book in August 2013 entitled Vivid Brushstrokes - The Overlooked Reality of God in Our Everyday Lives. This book unofficially began over ten years ago from one story that I had written.  After the story remained dormant for several years in a storage box, I rediscovered it in 2012 and began to rework it.  It wasn't long before God placed me in a situation that encouraged me to write similar stories. Little did I know at that time that the random stories, illustrating spiritual principles, would one day evolve into a book.

As an artist uses a variety of colors from a palette to create a painting, so God's Palette is a source of bright colors painted in vivid brushstrokes to illustrate His eternal truths. As this website is named God's Palette, I will attempt to illuminate God's Truth through the book and other offerings on this website and blog.

In addition, the website will provide information about myself as an author and about this book and other writing projects in the works. The website blog will contain regular contributions about current happenings in my life as well as my thoughts on a variety of personal and spiritual issues. I cordially invite you as a guest to this website and you are welcome to contribute for the benefit of all viewers!

  - Dennis A. Borden